Coaching for weight loss/weight management package
Often people are aware they want to and would benefit from, losing some weight, but can’t seem to make the first step towards doing so, or are easily derailed when they do begin. If this sounds familiar then coaching for weight loss could be the answer.
CBT Coaching can help clients identify what is preventing successful weight loss and provide a sense of direction and control over the process. This course includes five individual sessions with me and I will help to identify the blocks to weight loss and ways to move beyond them.
Cost: £375 (for 5 sessions). Individual Sessions £80.
I work with clients on a one-to-one basis to understand personal circumstances either face to face or online and will tailor an approach which will help establish and execute a plan of action. By identifying the blocks to weight loss, coaching can help clients move beyond them. Coaching can help clients achieve the healthy lifestyle they want and in doing so can also improve self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose.
Through the coaching sessions, you will be helped to identify realistic goals for personal health and weight and supported as you work towards these. A series of tools and techniques will be used to help identify unhealthy patterns and habits and to enable clients to identify and remove triggers to behaviours that are preventing their weight loss.