Sober October Dry January

Sober October Dry January 2020 attracted over 4 million challengers. But what are the benefits?

With Sober October just starting and Dry January around the corner if you have considered taking a break before but wondered if it was worth sacrificing your sauvignon blanc for a full 31 long days.

Here are some of the benefits that those who have undertaken the challenge report.

1. Better Sleep

Whilst we may find that nothing quiet relaxes us like a glass of our favourite tipple it seems that the opposite is the case.

Many studies have shown that whilst alcohol is a sedative and may help us nod off quickly from there the problem starts in that the quality of our sleep is effected.

Alcohol is said to have an effect on our REM (rapid eye movement) the part of our deep sleep.

The more we have to drink the more disruptive the effects.

So, one of the benefits people find in doing Sober October or Dry January is that their sleep improves, and they experience a more refreshing sleep.

2. Lowering our sugar intake.

Considering how much sugar we consume through alcohol may not be something you have thought of before but there can be many spoons of the white stuff in our glasses.

How does this help us?

Well there are many ways from weight gain as sugar stores are kept as fat to more energy from not having the highs and lows of sugar rushes.

3. More pennies in our pocket.

Perhaps an obvious one but in the UK, we spent an extra 160m on alcohol in the three weeks to lockdown compared to the same period the previous year.

The average drinker in the UK one report stated consume over 100 bottles of wine per year.

What would you do with your savings from Sober October?

4. Reduced risk of heart disease

Alcohol raises our blood pressure and long term this raised blood pressure may lead to heart disease.

5. Boosting our immune system

Never more than at the moment we are conscious of keeping our immune system healthy.

Research shows that alcohol can have a detrimental effect on our immune system by negatively effecting our infection fighting cells.

These are just some of the reported benefits of taking a break from alcohol but may not be that easy to do with 30 percent of Dry January challengers not making it past 10th January.

There is no need however to struggle alone if you would like to take a break and discover some benefits for yourself.

I would be happy to chat. Why not email me to see what they are for you.

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