Be at Your Best – Eat Well Think Well Be Well

Reaching for that glass of wine after a bad or good day?
Maybe you don’t drink during the week, but have a little bit too much at the weekend?
Have you tried and failed to lose weight?
Do you feel that you would like to sleep better and have more energy?
Frustrated by your own progress?
Promised yourself to ‘start on Monday’?

It’s time to change your relationship with wine for good.

Join me for this four-week challenge to change your habits and mindset to achieve your wellbeing goals.

Cut down or quit alcohol starting with four weeks.

This challenge is aimed at people, just like you, who drink a few glasses of wine every day, or binge at weekends. Either way, if you feel that your alcohol consumption is higher than you’d like it to be, this challenge will help you to quit or moderate.

Taking a break from alcohol is going to help you to not only lose weight but save money, help you sleep better, have better skin, improve your relationships and even help your confidence.

What you will get in this challenge:

Weekly support videos, taking you through the tools and techniques to help you change your drinking and succeed at your weight-loss or wellbeing goals.
Access to the Facebook wellbeing community, where you can share your challenge with others doing the same.
Weekly live coaching call to have all of your questions answered.
Discounts for ongoing coaching with Deirdre in case you need an extra boost

Your support videos will cover different topics each week, including:

Preparing Your New Mindset without wine so that you don’t feel deprived such as :-

Changing your relationship with alcohol
Missing wine and what to do.
Managing the feeling of boredom
FOMO – Fear of Missing Out
Celebrations – How to enjoy and celebrate without wine.

Breaking the habit and how to do this without the need for willpower such as:–
30 day tracker
Techniques such as urge surfing.
Anxiety Management Techniques to deal with stress instead of wine.
The five stages of behavioural change.
Understanding habits.

Noticing the changes and enjoying the journey.
Celebrating a new way of being.
Understanding your Why.
Celebrating the changes to your mindset.
Freshness, energy and what to do with extra time.
How to cope with a good day or a bad day and get through it.

Body & Health Awareness – skin, food, sleep
Why food is important on this journey – suggested meal plan.
Why its important to drink lots of water during the month.
The behavioural and cognitive methods for getting a great nights’ sleep.

You might have already tried to cut back in the past – just to return to your old habits a week later…

This challenge is based on cognitive and behavioural change science

Powered by behaviour and thinking change science, the challenge will give you all the tools and techniques that you need to change your drinking habits. It includes 4 weeks of stimulating and practical coaching that will help you understand your drinking and how you can go about changing your relationship with alcohol.

As part of this challenge you will become part of the Wellbeing Without Wine community. A group of like-minded individuals changing their drinking together and boosting your chances of success.

Who am I and why I can relate to and support you!

The date is marked in my diary on 15th November 2015 when I weighed the heaviest I had ever been but it wasn’t just the extra weight it was more how I felt about myself and that was miserable. Christmas was coming I had nothing to wear that wasn’t either bursting at the seems or frumpy. My significant birthday was 18 months away and I was not going to start a new decade with an extra two stone at least from my recommended ideal weight. So, I waited until after Christmas as at that stage it seemed just too big a sacrifice to not have my wine. I gave up wine totally for six months and not only lost the two stone but enjoyed better sleep, guilt free self-care, saved money and lots more. Since then I have had occasional glasses of wine but mostly enjoy the alcohol-free life too much to go back to drinking weekly or even daily.

I am also an Addiction Counsellor, Mediterranean Diet Facilitator and Cognitive Behavioural Coach and use the techniques and science behind this approach to inspire others to have the changes in their lives to be at their best.

The challenge starts on the 1st of every month and you can reserve your place for just £47.

Book your place now by clicking on the image below.

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Note that this course is not recommended for physically dependent drinkers.