I can work with you because I understand


In June 1987 I began a banking career that was to last for the next 24 years.

But throughout my professional career, fear was my constant companion. Fear that one day someone would find me out.

Find me out for what?

Maybe that I was a fraud; an imposter. Maybe I wasn’t really as good at my job as I seemed to be; that I wasn’t as good a person as they thought I was.

None of that was true, of course, but that’s the thing with anxiety – it’s not rational!


Anxiety held me back, not only professionally but also personally. I was worried constantly whether I was good enough as an employee, a friend, a wife and a mother.

You see I feared that I was not the senior manager of an International Payment Processing team managing 32 staff, processing millions of pounds worth of payments to worldwide destinations daily.

I wasn’t a competent manager of a large team within the top five quartile for employee engagement… but in fact I was the shy young girl from a small Irish town – an imposter if you will.

I struggled with social anxiety which meant that I had a fear of being judged and this impacted me in so many ways.  I rarely felt confident in going for promotions and as a mother felt that there were many others who could do a much better job. I constantly felt guilty, either leaving work too early to be at home or leaving home too early to be at work, and I struggled with eating and my weight.

So when in 2011 an opportunity arose for voluntary redundancy I changed career and became a cognitive behavioural, life and workplace coach. This journey cost money, time, hard work and anxiety.  The irony being that it was this anxiety and training that helped me to understand what social anxiety was and finally how to overcome it. But the hard work was worth it; it always is.

Anxiety held me back personally and professionally

Today I am delighted to share this knowledge with you and others, to enable you  to gain freedom, confidence and achieve the change you yearn for. It is my privilege to do this.

I now use my skills to work with people just like you

On my journey I have developed ambition and drive, the ability to come through multiple life challenges, and developed inner confidence. My approach is calm and reflective, and I use kindness and compassion to work with my clients.

I’m at my happiest when I’m walking on the beach at my home in Northern Ireland, laughing with close friends and family, educating others and enjoying life.

I would love to help you too. So, please use the button below to book your free, one-to-one personal assessment.