Nutritional Life Coaching: Three Things That Happen in a Session

So, let me guess. You think a nutritional life coaching session will start with this…

Stop eating crisps – Start eating vegetables

Stop eating chocolate – Start eating fruit

Stop drinking wine – Start drinking smoothies

Is This How You Picture a Nutritional Life Coaching Session Going?

Hardly inspiring or motivating despite our best intentions, falling in love with new skinny jeans yes, falling in love with avocado and broccoli not so much.

But before cancelling the whole idea let me give you the low down on what actually happens and release you from the thoughts of endless calorie counting, starvation and aforementioned avocado.

Here Are the Three Things You Should Expect from a Nutritional Life Coaching Session

1. You Will Tell Me What You Like to Eat and Drink

I have spent many years on my own journey working out points and calories and together with my nutritional training I could pretty much keep you going in recipes for your lifetime.

This, however, is not going to be what you like to eat, I have a particular fondness for the aforementioned broccoli, but you may think of them as horrid little trees albeit with lots of nutrients.

So, in our first nutritional life coaching session, I ask you to tell me what an average day looks like if it was your favourite food day and then we work together to adapt those introducing different variations to help you create long term strategies such as your own favourite recipes.

2. You Will Tell Me Your Story

Probably the most important part of our session is that it’s all about you.

Your journey, what’s worked before, why didn’t it work, why didn’t it last. What strengths do you have that will help us to achieve your health goal. What threats are there to failure and how can we come up with strategies to guard against those?

Maybe hunger is your biggest threat, there really is no need for this to be the case.

3. You Will Tell Me What You Want and By When

Better known as goal setting, we spend a good portion of our first nutritional life coaching session talking about where you are now and where you want to be.

This is not necessarily a goal weight; it might be more of a vision of a dress size or aforementioned skinny jeans. Its my job to figure out the how, yours is to figure out the why. Why is this important to you, why now?

What’s Next?

Instead of starting a new diet, start seeing a nutritional life coach. What’s not to love? 

I can help you on your journey, so email me today.



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